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1Q 2017

Hong Kong real estate: global factors trump local factors

New Zealand: an anecdote showing pricey real estate needs no big population

UK overall home price does not feel bubbly


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新西兰 02/2017

邮轮: 海上酒店 + 零售 + 旅游 + 娱乐 02/2017

英国剑桥 01/2017

资产净值 Stress Test: 跌半仍要有剩 01/2017

美国出租屋苑投资策略 01/2017

「黑」天鹅不一定黑 12/2016

价险管不了,财险可控制 12/2016

美国人对加拿大房地产有兴趣 12/2016

美国: 艰难 ahead! 11/2016

独立屋 vs 大厦单位 11/2016

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North American Real Estate: What, Where, and Why, Smart Expo, Hong Kong, November 2014
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Toronto home: the pricier, the more affordable (August 2014)
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Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) - An Alternative Debt

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CDOs: What They Are and Why You Should Care (Courtesy of Torto Wheaton Research)

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Stephen Chung, Founder and Developer of Real Estate Tech, Advisor to investment groups, and Managing Director of Zeppelin Real Estate Analysis Limited

Global Home Indexes 2016

Stephen appearing in Hong Kong i-Cable TV's Money Cafe discussing USA and Canada real estate: watch it here.

Stephen's  book "Turning Point" on the dangerous and QE-induced real estate market: get it here!

Simple Study Series-No 102-Comparing the Price Performances of 98 Hong Kong Private Residential Estates: And the Winners are...1H12 [83 pages in total, US$199.98]


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We have developed a series of simple studies dealing with specific real estate themes or monitoring market trends with a view to provide insights and angles which may have been missed by the general market or to challenge questionable yet popular real estate notions:

Simple Study Series-SSS00100-Hong Kong Residential Real Estate Performance: Driven by Inflation Income or What-2Q11 [15 pages in total, US$49.98]

Simple Study Series-No 101-China Residential Real Estate Markets: Price, Supply, and Size Attributes-2H11 [12 pages in total, US$49.98]
   $ CREIS China RE Reports
Based on the data provided by the Soufun Group, we have produced real estate analytical reports and statistical studies on various aspects of the China real estate markets:

China Real Estate Critical Analysis on 9 Cities and 3 Sectors = 27 market scenarios [PLUS 47 other reduced versions in different pricings to suit customers who wish only to have part of the above report]

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Six Basic Market Conditions
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